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Real estate is a high risk, high reward deal. For buyers and sellers, you have to make hard decisions between what you want and what you need. Your agent will be there to guide you along your real estate path, but what you really need is an agent who will reduce the odds in your favor. Looking at market statistics is only one side of the deal. Connecting with you is what allows an agent to understand what you need and how to find it. That’s why Carrington real estate agents look at other pieces than your budget and end goal. They look at how you live and consider your aesthetics. They poke at your psychology and see what your life plan is.

From there, a Carrington real estate agent will have a vivid picture of what they need to do for you. With this information, we’ll educate you on how to get where you want. We’ll describe the process and provide invaluable resources that will last past home ownership. We’ll connect you with the community, so your home transition is smooth. And we’ll work aggressively during negotiations to match up deals with your goals.

Take a Las Vegas gamble and see what Carrington Real Estate Services can do for you!

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3 Ways Carrington Real Estate Services Isn’t Like the Rest

1. Access to Sister Companies

Because Carrington Real Estate Services is only one company among a family of other real estate industries, our agents have access to other premium services other brokerages don’t, such as mortgage services, home titles and inspections, and renovation services. In reality, one deal with us could be literally three.

2. We are Neighborhood Experts

Connecting you with the right place to live means we need to know our neighborhoods. Each area around Las Vegas is unique and focused on a particular lifestyle. As we get to know you (and what you’re looking for), we’ll match you with the right neighborhood to move to. Our focus on neighborhood markets allows us to cater to your individual needs, rather than pointing to a general area to move to.

3. Decision vs Decision

In true Las Vegas fashion, we are experts at weighing decisions. For buyers, you may have to choose between two of your favorite homes, or for a seller, you’ll have to choose between two different offers. Understanding the pros and cons of these events is our expertise. Our years of experience allow us to weigh the odds and provide you with an easy decision.

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What We Offer: Our Services

For Buyers:

We connect your lifestyle with a home. Not every home is meant for everyone. Specific properties and neighborhoods cater to different lifestyles. Newer houses focus on home offices, quiet nooks to relaxing, and spacious entertainment areas for having guests over. Older properties center around the dining areas and providing each member their own bedroom. Knowing these differences is our expertise, which helps us narrow down your choices for you.

For Sellers:

We market your home to today’s buyer. Home buyers change from generation to generation, and along with it, their preferences. Younger buyers have certain requirements, and as we work with them closely, we can provide you with a sound marketing strategy that will attract their attention and their checkbooks.

Our Agents:

We don’t gamble with real estate. We constantly keep up with industry-leading practices and market metrics, so we can deliver you the results you want. We understand that any decision in real estate is a huge commitment and financial transaction. That’s why we work hard at getting it right the first time.